Friday, August 3, 2012

Traces from iaab, Basel Switzerland (Prohelvetia Fellowship)

Traces from iaab
Duration 25.2. - 04/04/2012
Traces from iaab
The artists' studios are the iaab exchange in their work with a guest dock

"Iaab traces from" under the title of the art space opens dock: twice in its window and loads the guest artists sharing studio of iaab / Christoph Merian Foundation to one, their work in a new context - in a foreign country, that our intimate Basel for the Artists from around the world is flat - issue. In this show will present Miatta Kawinzi, Maurice Mbikayi and Janne Nabb / Mary Teeri their resulting works in Basel.

Miatta Kawinzi, Janne and Mary Nabb Teeri, Maurice Mbikay

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