Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exhibition:"ECHOES" at Alliance Francaise of Cape Town,155 Loop Str/CT.,on 10th August @ 18h:30

“I am...my experience, my life and the life of those around me...we had a home, a place that gave us our identity, now we are guests in your home...”

The body of work is a metaphor that embodies and expresses the excruciating vulnerability of African working class, poor, women and children...... brothers and sisters and the litany of organized and random assaults tearing away at the tissue of their lives.

In my Africa;

Where life and dignity should be preserved and defended by those who have the power to determine and control governance and policy there is war for power, displacement and persecution – pawns with little or no value.
Where for each person there should be joy, growth, security and justice there is rape, torture and personal catastrophe – ordinary dreams of life ripped asunder.
Where our most notable capacity is the skill with which we turn on each other with precision, clarity and determination - my brother is my enemy.
Where a white and gold Jabulani with erratic trajectory eroded all boundaries and differences between us...briefly.

If I was in my head we would discuss;
• Unsustainable African regimes and policies.
• Insecurity for and violence against the poor disempowered and displaced.
• The cultural creation of identity and belonging.
• Xenophobia, integration programmes for displaced persons.
• Football and survival.
Mercifully... (Merci!) I am in my hand... not my head.

With thanks to:
• Julian Leon
• Dominique Jossie
• Lodi Paul Inga
• Africa Centre
• Spier contemporary 2010
• And Du plexus Film

Exhibition opening at Alliance Française of Cape Town
10th August @ 18h30 Until 29th August 2010

Contacts: +27 84825 4064
+27 21423 5699
Email: mauricembikayi@gmail.com

" MWENDO" (Distant relationships) Perfomed at Riebeek Kasteel,Western Cape in collaboration with Leán Coetzer

Performance at Riebeek Kasteel Exhibition, title of the work: “Minky Mwendo” (Distant Relationships), July 2010- At Mullineux Family Wines Cellar Riebeek kasteel)
-Group show Featuring artists: - Maurice mbikayi, Jacques Coetzer, Leán Coetzer, Philippe Kayumba, Christiaan Conradie,Tamlin Blake,Greta McMahon and Loni Drager.
-Performance in collaboration with Leán Coetzer

Performance:"Healing": Festival of Cultural Diversity at Khayelitsha/Cape Town in collaboration with Lodi Paul Inga

PERFORMEANCE FOR ”THE FESTIVAL OF CULTURAL DIVERSITY” at KHAYELITSHA, June 2010), organized by the UNHCR, the City of Cape Town, and the Cape Town Refugee Centre, to foster cultural Diversity at Khayelitsha. Artists from divers culture and country perform. , in conjunction with FIFA World Cup 2010-SA

Collaboration with Lodi Paul INGA (Musician/Song writer & Graphic Designer)