Friday, August 3, 2012

"My Digital Plague" at the AVA Gallery

Opening of three solo exhibitions at the AVA Gallery

Opening address by Lionel Davis

REMERGEKitty Dorje

Opening at 18:00 on
Monday, 30 July 2012Exhibition closes at 13:00 on Friday, 24 August 2012

Maurice Mbikayi writes of his installation:

I’m dragged into a virtual world of codes daily. There in that valley, an irresistible fascination and a whispering concern, transforms me into something alien - battling my digital demons. Every day is inevitably tiring; I click, type and enter this world. Suddenly I’m surrounded by an overwhelming invasion of aliens. I backspace; try to shift, but their mobility and fashionable grip on me Ctrl my moves. Then I pause - break, try to upgrade my hits: 1, 2, 3. But the aliens inject me with their multiple insidious diseases. I slowly contract some insane after effect experiences: Speed dial moves, focus on subjects, zoom in, zoom out, click on this , click on that - Bluetooth into the brain, just couldn’t get my senses. I twitted, I tagged; it became worse. Before I realized it, I was a half alien, locked up in the “Silly Valley”, googling my dreams to be one of them, with my Negro skin suffering the hypodermic injections of their insatiable grid.

Association for Visual Arts Gallery
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Africa South Art Initiative (ASAI)

"What does Africa" mean for South African art and artists today?" for 31 July 2012,
15h00-17h00, at Michaelis, chaired by Rael Salley for The names we give, as
part of launch of new ASAI website.

Panelists to speak for 8-10 mins each, followed by discussion: Garth Erasmus, Maurice Mbikayi, Colin Richards,Lize van Robbroeck.

-Lunchtime lecture earlier at 13h00, website launch: Mario Pissarra.

POP IN, at Worldart Gallery, 54 Church Street, Cape Town cbd,Thursday 5 July, 6 – 8pm

This will be the first of a series of pop-up curated exhibitions by Rodriguez that will each feature different elements of South African art and design as seen through the eyes of an experienced visual practitioner who isn't home grown. Featured artists include Edoardo Villa, Maurice Mbikayi, David Brown and Paul Stein.

A bronze Edoardo Villa alongside a Maurice Mbikayi made of plastic keyboard keys is an unusual sight. And it is exactly this sense of adventure that can be expected from POP IN a South African sculptural exhibition curated by Alberto Rodriguez.
"Local people tend to get used to their art and design – to the point where they forget to pause and actually see it. They also often experience it in a specific context or frame of reference and as a foreigner my contribution is to point out different ways of looking at the familiar and to create a new and fresh experience. I find this very exciting!" says Rodriguez.
Alberto Rodriguez, who was born in the Canary Islands, has in recent years worked on projects with Alberta Ferretti, Gucci and Robert Sherwood Interior Design.

Work at IAAB

Traces from iaab, Basel Switzerland (Prohelvetia Fellowship)

Traces from iaab
Duration 25.2. - 04/04/2012
Traces from iaab
The artists' studios are the iaab exchange in their work with a guest dock

"Iaab traces from" under the title of the art space opens dock: twice in its window and loads the guest artists sharing studio of iaab / Christoph Merian Foundation to one, their work in a new context - in a foreign country, that our intimate Basel for the Artists from around the world is flat - issue. In this show will present Miatta Kawinzi, Maurice Mbikayi and Janne Nabb / Mary Teeri their resulting works in Basel.

Miatta Kawinzi, Janne and Mary Nabb Teeri, Maurice Mbikay