Thursday, April 1, 2010

Live Performance on Weekends, City Hall-Cape Town in collaboration with Dominique Jossie

Spier Contemporary 2010 is open for art at a miraculously re-imagined City Hall, Cape Town.
The Exhibition comprises 132 artworks from 101 artists. Many of these artworks are performance pieces. Video ‘residue’ of each performance is permanently showing at the Exhibition.
To get the full benefit of each artwork, live performance sessions will take place over four weekends:
27 and 28 March;
10 and 11 April;
24 and 25 April; and
8 and 9 May.
Performances will run from 11am to 12pm and 3pm to 4pm on the Saturday, and 3pm to 4pm on the Sunday.
On the 27 and 28 March the session will run in this order:
Voices by Maurice Mbikayi – outside: meet at the entrance to City Hall
Newspaper Persona by Phillipe Wayumba Wa-Yafolo – outside: meet at the entrance to City Hall
Itch by Mxolisi Nkomonde
Lullaby: A Hair Dance To The Music Of ‘Kalimba Lullaby’ By Mr. Cat And The Jackal by Lean Coetze
Inferno by Mlu Zondi
Walking Together by Philippe Kayumba Wa-Yafolo
For more information on the actual performances, click on the links above, or visit the Exhibition page of the Spier Contemporary website.
Spier Contemporary is open from 10am to 6pm every day until the 14th May 2010 (including Easter and public holidays). Admission is Free. • 0860 111 458 • join the facebook group and follow us on

Public perfomance: "Voices" (Artist Maurice Hermes Mbikayi)at the Grande Parade

The Africa Centre is proud to present the Spier Contemporary 2010, the largest biennale art exhibition in South Africa.
This extraordinary exhibition provides artists living in the country with an open platform to create and show new work, which reflects both the breadth and depth of the South African experience.
Admission is FREE. Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm everyday (including holidays).